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13th May 2020

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Four distinct streams with three carefully curated workshops in each.

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    Coaching For…

    Coaching For EQ

    with Tom Dillon

    Emotional Intelligence and coaching are inseparable. If something is important enough to be brought in to the coaching room there will usually be some emotion attached to it.

    Tom will be leading an interactive session that looks at the range of emotions that all of us and our clients will experience from time to time. Tom will suggest ways in which we can approach clients who require help with developing their EQ.

    Coaching For Strengths

    with Michele Deeks

    How can we most effectively build clients’ understanding of, and confidence in, their greatest qualities? This workshop will introduce a simple, practical, narrative-led approach that avoids some of the limitations of surveys. Using a range of interactive exercises, attendees will explore how ‘strengths cards’ and new narratively-based online tools can be used to build greater self-awareness, contribute to self-compassion and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

    You can meet Michele in our video interviews here.

    Coaching For Harmony

    with Helen Leathers

    A workshop focussing on helping women to embrace a more harmonious way of being.

    Helen will share some of the methods for utilising empowering female archetypes as an accessible way to help facilitate change for clients. Ideal for promoting inner harmony; balancing the tensions of modern-day life that often bring about feelings of guilt and overwhelm, imposter syndrome as well as relationship issues.


    You can meet Helen in our video interviews here.

    Coaching Approaches

    An NLP Approach To Coaching

    with Diane Lowther

    NLP includes an extensive toolkit for personal change and is therefore a great set of skills for a coach to master.  In addition, there is a way of approaching coaching that stems from some of the basic principles of NLP, which is what we will be exploring in this session.  It’s suitable for coaches with or without prior knowledge of NLP.

    You can meet Dianne in our video interviews here.

    Clean Language part 1

    with James Lawley

    Clean Language has long been recognised as one of the most effective ways for coaching clients to access their metaphorical world. The exclusive use of clients own metaphors helps them to understand the workings of their inner world and the refinements are needed to improve their well-being and performance. In the first of two workshops James will introduce the ‘Clean Language’ approach to coaching by conducting a live  coaching’ session.

    Clean Language part 2

    with James Lawley

    Drawing on his 25 years of developing and working with Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling,  James will lead an interactive session designed to provide delegates with an insight into what goes on behind Clean Language questions and an opportunity to practice this approach to coaching for themselves.

    Your Coaching Business

    How To Identify, Connect With, And Attract Your Perfect Clients

    with Jo Ciriani

    How do you identify and focus on the clients you want to work with?

    How can you reach out  to them so that they know you understand and can help them?

    This workshop focusses on understanding who your perfect clients are, where to find the, and how to clarify exactly what you do for them.

    You can meet Jo in our video interviews here. 

    How to Structure and Market Your Coaching Business for Future Success.

    with Teresa Heath-Wareing

    In this workshop, Teresa is going to walk you through her ‘Marketing that Converts’ Model that will help you structure your coaching business for future success. Teresa will also reveal her tried and tested marketing funnel that will turn prospects into customers and then into raving fans!

    You can meet Teresa in our video interviews here.

    How To Sell Your Coaching Service

    with Tom Mallens  

    In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn the common pitfalls that coaches often fall into that prevent them from achieving their goal of attracting clients.

    Tom will reveal a simple seven-step sales process that will help you to sell confidently, competently and also congruently with your role as a trusted professional.

    Coaching Teams

    The 5 Behaviours of a Team

    with George Blakeway 

    George will be joining us having just completed an Atlantic yacht race, which will be test of his sailing team’s behaviours. George will be  providing an insight into the approaches he has found effective in his many years of coaching teams.

    He will also provide an overview of the ‘5 Behaviours’  approach to coaching teams that ensures that the team members’ behaviours are conducive to cohesion, commitment and high-performance. 


    Coaching Team Behaviours

    with Jo Keeler

    Teams are the critical link between strategy and execution, and simply putting together a number of people and expecting them to work as a team is not enough! 

    This interactive workshop will look at how team coaching can enable and empower teams to achieve their potential and become high-performing.

    We will be using your Belbin Reports to ensure this workshop is practical and meaningful.

    The Thinking Environment

    with Linda Aspey

    The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.
    The quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each other while we are thinking.

    This workshop will provide an introduction to the  ten behaviours that generate the finest independent thinking, known as  Ten Components of a Thinking Environment®.

    In the presence of these ten behaviours people think for themselves with rigour, imagination, courage and grace.

    Meet our Speakers…

    Some of our speakers have also done video interviews with us to give you a bit more of an insight into them and their workshops at the conference. You can watch them here.

    Michele Deeks

    Work Positive

    Occupational Psychologist...
    A Chartered Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in business psychology, Michele has a special interest in personal and management development and positive psychology.
    With a keen interest in the application of positive psychology and strengths-based
    methodologies, she has co-created the At My Best range of products and delivered many workshops and presentations around maximising performance and enhancing resilience and wellbeing.
    Michele has worked with a variety of organisations in the private and public sectors in the UK and internationally, including Societe Generale, NFU Mutual, Ernst & Young, BBC, RWE and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. She has managed and delivered a wide variety of projects particularly around the areas of leadership and management development, skill development and behaviour change. She is a highly experienced and skilled trainer, facilitator, assessor and coach.

    James Lawley

    The Developing Company

    Clean Language coach, consultant, trainer, researcher & author...

    James Lawley is a co-developer of Symbolic Modelling and leading authority on the use of Clean Language and self-originated metaphor for personal and professional development. He has co-authored two books, Insights in Space and Metaphors in Mind and eight academic articles.

    He has provided consultancy to a wide range of organisations and companies including the Yale University’s Child Study Center, the NASA Goddard Space Center, and the Findhorn Spiritual Community in Scotland. 



    Teresa Heath-Wareing

    THW Marketing

    International speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer, podcaster...
    International speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer, podcaster, author and business owner, Teresa, works with businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers to help them enhance their digital marketing & social media efforts.

    Noted as one of the UK’s top Marketing Influencers, Teresa has spent the last 15 years in Marketing working with international brands such as Land Rover, Jaguar, Rightmove and Leadpages.

    She is recognised alongside some of the world’s social media & digital marketing thought leaders and has written for Social Media Examiner (an industry-leading website), Social Bakers and more.

    She speaks and trains, business owners and marketers all over the world. As well as in her online membership – The Marketing that Converts Academy

    Teresa hosts a popular weekly podcast called ‘Marketing that Converts’ and has interviewed the likes of Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Jasmine Star, James Wedmore and Brian Fanzo.

    You can meet Teresa in our video interviews here.


    Tom Dillon

    Silver Lobster Limited

    Master Coach & Coaching Supervisor...

    Emotional Intelligence Coach, Leadership Coach, Resilience Coach and Coaching Supervisor. 

    Having focused on emotions and emotional intelligence (EQ) as part of his psychology degree, Tom has spent much of his time as a coach working with clients on developing their EQ and being more effective as a result. 

    Tom now also brings his own take on  the world of emotions to work with coaches in his training and supervision to increase their EQ.

    Helen Leathers

    Spreading The Magic

    Women's Transformational & Confidence Coach, Trainer & Author...

    I am a transformational women’s coach, speaker and trainer, and multiple bestselling author.

    I specialise in confidence and imposter syndrome, finding and leading a purposeful life and rediscovering who are you truly are so you can go out and make your mark in the world.

    Combining and integrating practical down-to-earth coaching with concepts of spiritual growth and philosophy, our intuitive self, and energy work, I take women on a journey of discovery, transformation, and empowerment.


    Tom Mallens

    Sandler Training

    Sales Trainer ...

    Tom works with individuals and businesses throughout the Midlands to increase their ability to be sitting in front of paying clients and to then retain those clients. 

    Before partnering with sales training experts Sandler Training, Tom worked as a freelance trainer and consultant, so he understands and knows how to overcome the hurdles of selling a coaching service. 


    Jo Ciriani

    The Spaghetti Agency

    Business Coach, Copywriter and Online Marketer
    A director at Spaghetti Agency in Warwickshire, Jo is an expert copywriter and online marketer who helps your business get found online.
    Jo is also a coach and provides business coaching around how to reach your perfect clients, and implement the systems you need to create a powerful online presence that sells your services.
    You can meet Dianne in our video interviews here.

    George Blakeway

    The Fruitful Group

    Learning & development consultant...

    George’s interest in Leadership and Team Performance has stemmed from many years of personal experience as well as academic research. Time spent in the military, professional sport and industry has led to a fascination in both leadership and how teams develop performance and gain competitive advantage.

    George was appointed Director of Training at an international recruitment and training consultancy. After two very successful years of both training and managing the business, he founded The Fruitful Group.

    He is also qualified to use the Myers Briggs Type Instrument, SDI, Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Programme.

    George has always loved travel and has worked with clients across the world such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, USA and Europe. 

    George is currently taking part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, facing challenges, competition and camaraderie that this unique leadership and team event provides.


    Jo Keeler

    Belbin Associates

    Managing Partner of Belbin
    Jo Keeler leads strategic and operational activities for Belbin world-wide. A long-established and highly respected workplace tool, Belbin enables people to understand their own strengths and weaknesses – and helps organisations bring together the right people to form high performing teams. 
    In addition to shaping Belbin for the next generation, Jo speaks internationally on the subject of teams – the challenges, the importance and future of, and how to help teams reach their potential.

    Dianne Lowther

    Brilliant Minds

    NLP Master Trainer and Executive Coach ...

    Dianne Lowther is a Master Trainer of NLP and the LAB Profile and has been pioneering applications of NLP in business since 1993.  She is a published author, winner of a National Training Award, a regular speaker at the NLP Conference and founder of Brilliant Minds. Dianne specialises in Leadership Team development and is an experienced Executive Coach.

    You can meet Dianne in our video interviews here.


    Linda Aspey

    Aspey Associates

    Executive coach, Facilitator, Therapist, Supervisor and Professional Speaker ...

    Linda has over 25 years’ experience in working with leaders and teams across multiple sectors. Founder of the BACP Coaching division and now global faculty at Time to Think, she is also a volunteer trainer, speaker and facilitator with Extinction Rebellion (XR), the international movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience in a last-resort attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social and ecological collapse. 

    With no previous involvement in activism, she committed to XR in 2018 when she became acutely aware of the reality of climate and ecological crisis, and astonished at how little we all knew about it.  That then led her, with fellow coaches Zoe Cohen and Alison Whybrow, to explore what the role is of coaches in raising awareness of climate change with clients. In August 2019 they “declared a climate emergency”, calling for a range of actions from the coaching community in response. This was supported by Coaching at Work magazine and many key voices in the coaching community. Work on this is ongoing.


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