Your Coaching Journey Virtual Coaching Conference 2020

12th November 2020



World-Renowned Guest Speakers to help you build your coaching business and add more coaching skills to your offering.

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Virtual Coaching Conference 2020

12th November 2020


World-Renowned Guest Speakers to help you build your coaching business and add more coaching skills to your offering.

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Virtual Coaching Conference 2020

12th November 2020



World-Renowned Guest Speakers to help you build your coaching business and add more coaching skills to your offering.

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Your Guide To The Workshops & Speakers

Virtual Conference Workshops

Four distinct streams with three carefully curated workshops in each.

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Concepts for Coaching

Neuroscience In Coaching 

with Tom Dillon 

This interactive workshop will provide you with an insight in to the world of neuroscience, what we can learn from it as coaches and what we can carry with us into the coaching room.

To be honest, neuroscience is a huge subject and we could spend a lifetime talking about it, but in this workshop we will be extracting some tools and models that you will find useful in your coaching and which, your clients will be pleased that you spent the time learning about.


More about Tom

Executive Coach, Coach Trainer and Coaching Supervisor.

Having spent the last ten years working as an Executive Coach and the last five years training and supervising other coaches, Tom is known for his straightforward approach to rather complex issues. 

With a special interest in social psychology, and the psychology of emotions, Tom brings a special blend of insight, simplicity and humour to the world of coaching and coach development.  

Adult Development

with Rachel Donath

How we view the world impacts on how we can handle complexity and what life throws at us. In this session we will look at adult development theory that helps coaches think about their own and their client’s development, with lots of practical tips and best practice throughout. This will be particularly helpful if you are working with leaders.

More about Rachel

Head of Learning and Development at Mills & Reeve and part-time tutor at Warwick University

Rachel Donath has worked as a coach in professional services firms for over 15 years. Although working full time in a highly rational, corporate environment,while studying her Masters in coaching, she found herself exploring more somatic and experiential work. This whole new world was transformational for her own development and she has spent much time since experimenting with integrating it into her practice

Mechanics of the Mind; How To Accelerate Change By Using What’s Already There

with Brian Costello

Although every one of us is wonderfully unique, every one of us shares a common system for making decisions in our lives.  This decision making ‘mechanism’ is deceptively simple but, as naturally gifted helpers, it’s easy for us coaches to get so involved in helping people find solutions to life’s mysteries that we miss the clues this mechanism gives us.  Clues which can produce incredible change at incredible speed.  In this fascinating and entertaining session, Brian Costello will reveal the Mind mechanics you can use to help people transform.

More about Brian

Author, Speaker, Coach, Therapist

As the founder of HeadStrong, Brian has been working with Mental Health and Personal Development since 2003 and has helped thousands of people transform their lives in unimaginable ways.
His mission, and the mission of HeadStrong, is tho inspire Positive conversations around Mental Health and eradicate the increasingly frequent rhetoric of mental health meaning medication and the acceptance of being broken.
In everything he does Brian brings humour and real life examples lifted directly from his work with individuals, groups, businesses and his amazing work with young people in schools.
He also likes to remind people that he is also a Dad, a husband, a fan of the best football team in Scotland and that if he chooses to wear skinny jeans at his age he should be allowed to.

Coaching Approaches

Coaching Presence

with Maria Ilife-Wood

In this experiential and reflective workshop, Maria will lead you in an exploration of your own coaching presence. She will encourage you to consider where this presence comes from, what it is and what difference it makes to you and your coaching clients.

More about Maria

Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, Speaker and Author …

With over 30 years of coaching experience, Maria is the author of Coaching Presence, Building Consciousness and Awareness into Coaching Interventions.

Maria’s coaching journey has deepened her understanding of presence to the extent that no matter who she works with, her intention is to point people in this direction, to their deeper self, their inner wisdom, the source of their resilience, confidence, strength and clarity.

Developing Metaphors Using Clean Language

with Caitlin Walker

In this session, Caitlin will be looking at how coaches can use naturally occurring metaphors in their clients’ conversations, and then develop them with clean questions in to something that we can really utilise, feedback with and use to coach our clients.

More about Caitlin

Leading Expert In Systemic Change Practices, Author, Speaker

Caitlin is the developer of Systemic Modelling an adaption of David Groves’ Clean Language. She is the author of ‘From Contempt to Curiosity: creating the conditions for groups to collaborate’ which outlines her journey into coaching from innovative youth worker to leading expert in systemic change practices. This work is around the simplest tools that can be taught to a group so that they can begin to self-model and develop a peer coaching network. This work is taught and being developed internationally in community, education and corporate sectors. A ‘light’ version of the work ‘#DramaFree conversations’ developed in Moscow and is now being used to introduce senior leaders, teachers, social workers, parents and health practitioners to apply a thin slice of these tools to their own practice.

Caitlin works 1-1, with couples, business partners, teams, communities, board members, trustees and organisations to create the conditions for personal and professional transformation. She has an international team of highly skilled associates for large scale projects.

Clean Learning is the leading training provider for all aspects of Clean Language, Emergent Knowledge and Clean Space and can develop bespoke offerings for individuals and organisations.

The Spiritual Approach

with Helen Leathers

Discover how a spiritual approach to coaching can open the doorway to profound change at all levels.

From creating powerful and safe space for you and your client, to finding ways to connect with their search for meaning and purpose, Helen will take you through an introduction to the power of the spiritual approach.

There’ll be plenty to reflect on, as well as practical tips.

More about Helen

Coach, Trainer, Author & Speaker

Helen has many years of experience of holding space for spirituality for her clients. 

Helen has written a number of books around spiritual growth and development and integrates this approach with her coaching and training for transformation, empowerment and confidence.

Your Coaching Business

Creating Online Content for Coaches

with Jo Ciriani

You know you should be posting more online, but what should you be saying and how can you show you’re different from other coaches?

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use content to attract your ideal clients, why people buy coaching and how to leverage the power of niching.

More about Jo
Business Coach, Copywriter and Online Marketer
A director at Spaghetti Agency in Warwickshire, Jo is an expert copywriter and online marketer who helps your business get found online.
Jo is also a coach and provides business coaching around how to reach your perfect clients, and implement the systems you need to create a powerful online presence that sells your services.

The Future Of Social Media – Key Areas To Focus On Now

with Teresa Heath-Wareing

We all know that social media should be part of a modern day marketing plan. But with all the different platforms and types of content, how do you know that you are spending your time wisely?

In this session Teresa will share with you the key areas to focus on now that will have the biggest impact on your social media efforts for your business!
More about Teresa

International speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer, podcaster, author and business owner…Teresa works with businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers to help them enhance their digital marketing & social media efforts.

Noted as one of the UK’s top Marketing Influencers, Teresa has spent the last 15 years in Marketing working with international brands such as Land Rover, Jaguar, Rightmove and Leadpages.

She is recognised alongside some of the world’s social media & digital marketing thought leaders and has written for Social Media Examiner (an industry-leading website), Social Bakers and more.

She speaks and trains, business owners and marketers all over the world. As well as in her online membership – The Marketing that Converts Academy

Teresa hosts a popular weekly podcast called ‘Marketing that Converts’ and has interviewed the likes of Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Jasmine Star, James Wedmore and Brian Fanzo.

You can meet Teresa in our video interviews here.

Podcasting to expand your coaching business

with Pete Morgan

Pete will provide an overview of starting a podcast, before taking you through his top tips on presentation, interviewing guests and how to go about growing your podcast audience.
More about Pete

Radio Presenter and Podcast Expert …

Pete Morgan has been involved in broadcasting for the past 30 years, working on award-winning shows as presenter and producer on a local regional and national level, including 10 years at the BBC. In 2017 he stepped out from behind the microphone and began helping businesses take their first steps into podcasting. Clients include Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Rolls Royce.

Being A Better Coach

Coaching Supervision

with Professor Bob Thomson

Bob will be running a live interactive session on supervision which will allow you to explore your own coaching challenges in a safe space. There will also be an opportunity to discuss supervision and its benefits with an experienced and accredited supervisor.

More about Bob
Bob is an accredited coach and supervisor with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and the external examiner for the MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London. He is a Professor at Warwick Business School, and is a skilled facilitator and workplace mediator.  His latest book, How to Coach, was published by Sage in February.

Coaching Accreditation

with Jeannette Marshall

Jeannette will be running a workshop on coaching accreditation which will help you to understand the benefits and process of becoming accredited with the Association for Coaching (AC).

In this interactive session, we will be reviewing the elements you need to evidence, sharing some key tips for a successful outcome and signposting the support that is available to you. 

More about Jeannette

Director of Accreditation at Association for Coaching

Jeannette leads a team of assessors involved in the AC Accreditation process to ensure best practice and rigorous standards within the world of coaching.

She is also an experienced Master Executive Coach with a vast experience of working within a wide variety of organisations enabling their individuals to develop and excel.

The Grey Space in Coaching

with Lauretta Cundy

Little is known about the lived experience of how coaches navigate ethical and boundary issues when working with a coachee on stress management or when a coachee presents that they have or may be having a mental health issue. I surmise that this is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, with much being left to the coach’s discernment. This research is to collaboratively explore the differences and similarities relating to how coaches navigate the grey space.

The session will be focused on sharing PhD research preliminary findings, around how coaches are managing this space, to better inform practice. In addition, a practical element is included in this session. Sharing some reflective and reflexive exercises for coaches to implement into their own coaching practices.

More about Lauretta

Coaching Psychologist

Working with individuals and organisations around the world to equip them to move towards a better quality of life where they can flourish and thrive!

Lauretta has a 1st Hons, BSc in Counselling and Psychology, a Masters in Organisational Psychology and multiple coaching qualifications – including bereavement counselling and trauma-informed coaching. She is also an accredited psychometric and personality practitioner.
Currently undertaking a Doctorate, Lauretta is developing the concept of the ‘Grey Space’ – the area where boundaries between therapy and coaching blur.

Her approach is one of evidence-based cognitive behavioural coaching with a focus on stress management and resilience. She draws knowledge from a background of counselling, coaching and organisational psychology.

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